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Blog: Job applications

It is just like making resolutions to go to the gym.
Many start scouting out the job market full of enthusiasm.
Are they doing it right? Many don’t. What are they doing wrong?


Don’t use general methods

  • Don’t start a general search for everything
  • No unsolicited application letters
  • Don’t search through all kinds of selection agencies
  • No general messages on social media
  • No general messages through your network

Why not use general methods?

  • Job opportunities are scarce and you’ll face stiff competition almost every time you apply for one.
  • In sales, they don’t just go and ask everybody to buy.
  • In marketing, they don’t approach all target audiences in the same manner.

So what should you do and how?

  1. Focus, and work with energy and a game plan.
  • Exercise and take plenty of time to relax.
  • Find a volunteer job that matches your ambitions.
  • Make a plan, subdivided into days, weeks months and quarters.
  • Every job opportunity is unique, so treat them as such.
  • Make a standard resume and customize it for every specific job application.
  • Per job, find at least 3 examples of successful actions and 3 examples of moments with important lessons. And for each job, write your successes down.
  • Check your network for people you know that are associated with the company you want to work for. Maybe people in your network know of someone? Linkedin is an excellent tool in this case.
  • Always make contact:
    • by paying a personal visit
    • by phone, and write down the name of the person you’ve spoken to
    • through social media
    • state in your job application the person you have spoken to and why
  • Prepare thoroughly for each conversation, or pitch, and know exactly who you are speaking to and how the company is structured

2. Test your job application approach.
Discuss your methods with a recruitment professional. This is a short investment in time and a specific financial investment in yourself.


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