Conversation techniques

Conversation techniques

Do you always come straight to the point?
We all like having a good conversation. It makes you feel good, maybe helps you get things straight so the air is cleared and you can carry on.


  • Do you feel you need professional help to do this, because you simply need to have a good conversation?
  • Do you need someone who understands the issues you face and maybe can’t move on from?

I can help you. We’ll sit down for a talk and I will show you how easy it is to have an effective conversation.


You use conversation techniques for:

  • understanding the other person or making yourself understood
  • job interviews
  • performance reviews, evaluations or coaching meetings
    • It does not matter whether you are the manager or employee in these conversations. Either way, you want the conversation to go right.
  • negotiations


The conversation techniques are taught with input from:

  • STARR:  Situation, Task, Action, Result, Reflection
  • Behavioral criteria interviewing
  • Interviewing aimed at attitudes
  • LSD: Listen, Summarize, Deeper questions
  • Communication: stages and styles
  • Core quadrants


Target audience
The training module Conservation techniques is aimed at both the managers and (groups of) employees.


Fees, excluding VAT
€ 950.– for 10 hours, useable for 1 or more people.
€ 115.– per hour.

For larger groups, multiple trainers will be used and a special price can be agreed on.

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