Career coaching

Things aren’t going to plan and you have questions…

  • Your career isn’t going as well as you would like.
  • You are looking for professional help and extra insights.
  • My experience will help you in a relaxed setting.
  • What do you really want?
  • You know what you want, but how do you achieve it?


You are looking for career coaching and want quick results.


Step 1 Thinking about what you want

You aren’t sure about what you want and are looking for a direction. You need concrete advice. Together we’ll discover what you need. In a practical sense:

  • what are your abilities, wishes, actions?
  • personal distinction & your profile


Step 2 Practical actions towards your goals

  • Showing what you can do and what you want: LinkedIn & Social Media
  • Be ready to act: networking
  • Making conversation: conversation techniques and introduction

A preparatory assignment precedes each element.
Each assignment will take you at least half a day, 2 x 2 hours preferably. These assignments will be challenging and stimulating, but most of all enlightening.

  • This task can be easily combined with job searching, but it is easier to do the first step in advance.
  • While applying for jobs, I can help you with your preparation and the interview, and evaluate afterwards.
  • It is quite fun planning your career and unearthing the qualities you need to perform.
  • Working towards the end result: toasting your new job!
  • Or, surprisingly enough: being happy in your current job!
  • Whatever the outcome, your insecurity will be gone and you will feel good.

On average our cooperation will last between 18 and 20 hours, and if your job search lasts longer, you are the one who decides how much more time we spend on it together. Our meetings will last 2 hours each.


Fees, excluding VAT

€ 1,950.– 2 stage career coaching.
€    950.– for 10 hours, for extra job application training on the spot.

€     115.– per hour of career or application training

Looking for clarity about your career?
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