Are you looking to solve labor disputes in a professional way?

Disputes or difficult employment terminations are always counterproductive.
Unfortunately, they can sometimes be impossible to avoid for both managers and employees.

In these cases, my services can be invaluable in saving you time and frustrations. With a mediator as impartial professional to help, conflicts can be solved constructively, and to everybody’s satisfaction.

In my opinion, respect and courtesy are the foundations of any (business) relationship. These basic values are what I bring to the mediation of a labor dispute. Listening skills are an essential part of my services, combined with my clear manner of communication and vast knowledge of an extensive number of conversation techniques and methods.


I can be the mediator in a conflict. To date, I have always managed to conclude the mediation in such a way that all parties are happy. This is mainly achieved by uncovering the issues that are important to both parties and realizing a mutual conclusion in a short space of time.

Fees, excluding VAT
€ 950.– for 10 hours.
€ 115.– per hour.

Are you looking to understand and solve your dispute?
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