We have 2 recruitment services.

  1. Headhunting
  2. On-the-spot recruitment

You have a reason for a low profile search for a new employee. There are two ways of doing this. I’ll come by, discuss the job opening with you and get to work from my office, without exclusivity. The standard recruitment fee is 25% of the gross annual salary, including holiday pay. The other method is with exclusivity, in which case the recruitment fee will be customized.


On-the-spot Recruitment
Collaboration with external agencies constantly demands time, energy and attention, whether it’s maintaining the relationships, translating profiles, aligning procedures or other such tasks. In addition, sourcing this expertise greatly increases costs.

Is there an alternative?

‘Recruitment on the spot’ is a clear answer: centred around service, solidarity and speed and affordably priced, the end result is ‘spot on recruiting’. Within two years, at the most, your company will be capable of recruiting completely independently, at low costs. The framework and mindset will then be prepared

Recruitment and HRM – structural and flexible in 4 hours a week

  • If the hours are not utilised, they can be saved for times when the need is greater. There’s no charge for unused hours.
  • The hours can be scheduled flexibly per week and/or month.
  • Pre-recruitment through professional recruitment tool in LinkedIn
    • Potential future clients approached
    • Connecting with social media, such as LinkedIn groups, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Set-up and roll out referral recruitment linked to Employer Branding
  • Design and roll out vacancy text and search candidates current vacancy
  • Letter selection and presence at 1 interview per candidate
  • Strategic Personnel Planning check
  • Broad and up-to-date expertise and continual coordination with the business

Connectedness and speed achieved through:

  • Structural approachability due to intensive collaboration; shared goal
  • Training in interview techniques and feedback on job interviews
  • Deployment of pre-selection candidates, referral recruitment and network
  • The option of contact and use in the evenings and on weekends

Competitive pricing

  • Unbeatable hourly rate.
    • 4 or more hours a week 42 weeks a year
    • initial 6-month deployment with evaluation in the 5th month is possible
  • There is an small additional fee per placement, irrespective of recruitment channel.
  • In the case of more than 2 vacancies per month, the purchase of LinkedIn InMails will be charged at cost price. The use of job slots in LinkedIn is also a good possibility. Job slots work better than job credits and are less expensive through VLDW
Do you want to effectively deploy your recruitment with your own style?
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