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VLDW has an impressive track record with both start and scale ups, and corporate clients. With its vast experience in e-commerce, IT, consultancy and HR, VLDW is currently becoming ever more active in growing areas like digital transformation, e-commerce, online marketing and IT. Within these areas, our experience lies in filling a wide range of positions, including placing specialists in integration, application and platform development, front and back end development, business and technical consulting, copywriting, numerous commercial and sales positions and helpdesk staff.



In a number of personal meetings, I quickly distill the important information. I listen carefully and learn quickly about the structure of the company. What is the corporate culture like? How well does the job description match the vision of the managers, the departing employee, colleagues and other stakeholders? And also: what are the attractions this position has to offer new candidates? This strategy helps me find out what is going on and who would or would not fit in the company. Fast.



Over 25 years of experience in recruitment and selection has provided me with an excellent reputation with clients and placed candidates. It has also given me a very extensive and diverse network. This network enables me to present a selection of suitable candidates very quickly. And naturally, I have the skills to unlock social media, job boards and other digital environments using a wide variety of search options.


My very personal approach also extends to the selection of suitable candidates. An open and direct attitude facilitates personal connections and helps me draw candidates out of their comfort zones.

During an often deep and intimate conversation, I gain a thorough insight into the candidate’s wishes and motivation. This helps me to quickly develop a clear vision of their specific qualities, wants and needs. The final words are often: “What an enjoyable conversation!”



My personal method of selection usually results in the recommendation of a limited number of candidates that closely match the perfect profile AND the client’s corporate culture. Other times, I might make an unexpected recommendation that fills the position in a surprisingly effective way. In each case, I will carefully weigh the interests of both the client and the candidate to come to a recommendation that, in almost every case, leads to a least an invitation for a preliminary interview.



During the selection process, some clients choose to have an assessment done of the potential candidate. Thanks in part to my extensive HR experience, I can also offer useful candidate assessments in many different ways. From relatively simple (online) competence and personality testing to thorough assessments with intensive testing and interviews.



My vast experience and personal approach guarantees quick results. Results that stay valid over time. My focus lies with creating long-term relationships: a valuable and productive commitment of everyone involved. Most candidates perform for long periods to the total satisfaction of both parties. At the bottom of this page a number of references from recent clients. Please visit my LinkedIn profile for a list of all available client references.


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